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Doctors of Peace



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Gruwort des Managements

Peace: Gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding barriers, quietly building new structures...

Doctors of Peace are veterans of humanitarian actions. For more than 20 years offer their support in medical, social and human needs all over the world.

Doctors of Peace have given an oath:
That shall not terminate the humanitarian missions and the missions of support and indignation to those that are in need, no matter their color, religion, gender and ethnicity.

Mission Photo
Pakistan mission - Earthquake 2004

Mission PhotoMission Photo
Mission in the Borders of Syria-Iraq (Al-qayem 2006)

Mission PhotoMission Photo
Supporting the children of orphan school in Lebanon 2007 - Dimitra & Loukia with the oprhans children in Lebanon

Mission Photo
Member of Doctors in Peace in Qana - South Lebanon (Massacre Victims 2006)

Mission Photo
Lebanon Mission 2006 - Vaccination program in South Lebanon

Mission Photo
Mission in Griechenland - Summer 2007 - Ilia prefecture - Oleni municipality- Distribution of humanitarian aid

Mission PhotoMission PhotoMission Photo
A hug for the lebanese children - Lebanon War - Inauguration of pictures Exhibition of Doctors in Peace Cultural center of Marroussi municipality 2007

Mission Photo
Doctors of Peace campaign "STOP the drowning of stowaways

Mission Photo
Drowning of stowaways: Who is responsible?

Mission Photo
The team of Doctors in Peace in Gaza strip - Palestine

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